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Recently, online casinos have been actively gaining momentum. The majority of gamers choose slot machines with live dealers. Such games are called live online casinos. Based on such slot machines, you can get good generous rewards and have fun. A live casino is different in that a person can launch any slots, and at the same time feel as much as possible in some large land-based casino, which is located on one of the popular streets of Las Vegas.

For a safe and high-quality game, it is important to choose a reliable and proven online casino. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to:

  • The convenience of the portal. Clients should be provided with a simple and logically understandable interface, everything should be clear and structured.
  • The assortment of game offers. The casino should offer a wide selection of game libraries in different directions, so that each client can choose suitable gameplay for himself, which will satisfy him in terms of visual and technical parameters.
  • Bonus policy. Players should be provided with an interesting and financially beneficial bonus policy. It should be encouraging on an ongoing basis, both for new players and regular customers.
  • Financial transactions. Gamers should be provided with convenient ways to carry out financial transactions to replenish the game account and withdraw the received rewards. This will allow you to conveniently, without unnecessary operations, safely operate funds, and be sure of the successful completion of the procedure.
  • Availability of a mobile application. The mobile application allows customers from anywhere in the world to carry out any operations, launch slot machines, and perform all operations.

These qualities are typical for a reliable online live casino.

Important! Pay attention to the features of the mobile application, it should be complete and convenient at the same time. Some operators achieve simplicity by disabling features. Such applications are not convenient to use, it is better not to cooperate with them.

How Do We Rate the Best Live Dealer Casinos

Our experts are experienced gamers, online casino bloggers, who have extensive experience behind them, have checked more than one hundred gambling and entertainment portals, and have an idea about each. Therefore, our rating of the best online casinos is based on personal experience, observations, and reviews of real gamers. We offer a ranking of the best online casinos, that have been personally verified by us. We have compiled a list of criteria, based on which we checked each of the presented live dealer online casino in our rating.

Among the main criteria are:

  • Security
  • Bonuses
  • The quality of games and software
  • Reviews from real customers
  • Cash transactions
  • Technical support service

We checked the sites according to these criteria and based on the results obtained, we made a rating of the best online casinos. Based on these characteristics, one can easily identify high-quality, reliable gambling and entertainment portals.

How Do Live Casinos Work?

Don’t be afraid of an online live casino. Such gambling and entertainment portals work in the same way as regular online casinos. They’re just filled with the live dealer gambling. The gameplay is more implemented for the thrill, tactile, and reality of the game. The results of the game depend on a living person — the dealer. While conventional slot machines produce results based on a random number generator.

As for the rates, they are made based on pressing special buttons, which are located on the correction panel. It is enough for the client of the portal to click on the necessary buttons, after which the bet will be made.

The question arises: what is the difference between an ordinary online casino with a live dealer and gambling and entertainment portals, which are based on “live” slot machines? In a game with live dealers, the result of each round depends on a real person. The gameplay uses:

  • A Real Roulette Wheel
  • A real deck of cards
  • Live communication
  • Other individual parameters

There is no such thing in the gameplay with slot machines. In the second option, the result of each round is calculated using a random number generator.

“Live” slot machines are broadcasted for gameplay participants using a special video camera, which is present in the dealer’s room. And the player, to conduct the gameplay in this way, just needs to have a video camera in his presence. With its help, he will observe the process of the game, the dealer. Everything is fair and transparent.

How to Play Live Casino Games

Many are wondering how to play in a live casino. There is nothing complicated or unusual in this type of gameplay, everything is quite logical and understandable. After the first batch, gamers will understand the intricacies of the gameplay and fully delve into the gameplay.

The most necessary minimum is required from the player. First of all, the client must register on the website of the online casino, which offers its clients to launch games with the participation of a live dealer. If you use the list of our online casinos, you will receive a membership with a high-quality online casino with a live dealer and immediately after registering an account, each new member of the portal will receive a welcome bonus and can count on all subsequent rewards.

After the registration has been completed successfully, the gamer can make his first deposit. Carry out a financial transaction regarding the replenishment of the game account. Thus, a gamer will have personal funds in his account, which in the future he will be able to use for betting on slot machines with a live dealer. For such transactions, the playgrounds, that we offer for use on our site offer reliable and secure methods.

After that, you can go to the section with live casino games online, that offer a game with live dealers. The range of entertainment is quite large:

  • Video poker;
  • Roulette;
  • Keno and others.

The gamer can choose what he likes best. And you can safely start the gameplay. However, do not forget to study the rules before the game, or refresh your knowledge — it will not be superfluous. The dealer will indicate the necessary actions, listen to the dealer, and lead the gameplay.

The Best Software Providers

Such gambling and entertainment portals have a wide range of games. The online casino cooperates with trusted and popular providers, that produce high-quality, generous, and licensed software. In the list of our online casinos, there are gambling and entertainment portals, that cooperate with such developers of gambling and online casino software as:

  • Evolution Gaming — is one of the best providers, that has been developing live dealer games since 2007. With the emergence of providers on the Internet, this company has become the best in development in its direction. Its work is appreciated and featured in some of the best online casinos in the world.
  • NetEnt Live — this provider develops various slot machines, including slot machines with live dealers. The company offers innovative solutions for online casinos. Its work has a vivid design, realism, and high rates of return.
  • Playtech — the software of this provider is used by the best online casinos in the world. The company offers a lot of interesting and colorful slot machines, that allow gamers to have fun and earn regular income.
  • Extreme Live Gaming — is a slot machine development company, that was launched and introduced to the public in 2013.
  • Microgaming — is one of the oldest slot machine development companies. It has been offering online casino slot machines for over 25 years. The platform has created more than 800 entertainments, including slot machines with a live dealer.
  • Realtime Gaming — the company was founded in 1998. Already in the first five years of operation, the company has achieved significant success. It is engaged in the development of gambling in different directions, presenting high-quality gameplay.

With the help of the work of these providers, gamers can receive not only a sea of positive emotions, but also generous rewards regularly.

Top Tips for Choosing a Live Dealer Casino

For high-quality and fair gameplay, it is important to choose a reliable and proven Internet resource. We advise you to pay attention to the following indicators, when choosing an online casino with a live dealer:

  • The assortment of the game library — it is important to pay attention to the number of games, that the gambling and entertainment site offers. At the same time, it is important to pay attention not only to the number of games, but also to their quality, what reputation they have, and who was involved in their development. This indicator influences how suitable an online casino gamer is.
  • The look of the software — in fact, the look also matters. Of course, technical indicators are more important, but people perceive a lot in terms of external parameters — and rightly so. Pay attention to what the UX looks like, how attractive the background looks, how comfortable it is to play the game. Software vendors must be reliable and have an impeccable reputation.
  • Maximum and minimum bets — the online casinos offered by our site provide customers with a fairly wide range of bets: from $ 5 to $ 100. This is very convenient, because it allows players with different financial capabilities to conduct gameplay — this is very important.
  • Device compatibility — is also a very important component, that provides customers with comfortable gameplay, and indeed provides the ability to reproduce the gameplay. Check if the gameplay can be played using a PC and a smartphone, if a similar type of gameplay is available. It is important to check these indicators.

All these parameters will help you to choose an online casino with live dealers, and to conduct a successful, comfortable and safe gaming process.

Different Live Dealer Game Types

Online casinos with live dealers offer a fairly large assortment of games. However, several slot machines are in particular demand among such slots with live dealers:

  • Texas Hold’em — is one of the most popular types of poker. To play, you need a special table and a deck of 52 cards, in which the Joker is absent. The table can be from 2 to 10 people.
  • Live dealer baccarat online casino — is a card game in which each of the participants tries to score as many points as possible. In this case, the dealer distributes two cards to the participants. The number of points is calculated based on the sums of these cards.
  • Live blackjack online casino — this gameplay is also known as 21. The essence of this gameplay is to collect from a combination of cards the number as close as possible to 21, but there is one condition — not to exceed this figure.
  • Online live roulette casino game — is another board game. Participants place bets, the dealer throws a ball onto the spinning wheel. This is how the gameplay takes place. The rates can be either more general or specific.
  • Omaha — is one of the poker options. Its rules are quite close to Texas Hold’em, but still different. It is characterized by increased dynamics and aggressiveness.

This gambling entertainment is especially popular in online casinos with live dealers.


Does Live Casino have real dealers?

Live casino is based on the participation of live dealers, who manage the gameplay. That is, in this case, the gameplay does not depend on a random number generator, but on a living person, who controls the gameplay. In this case, it is the dealer.

How do I play Live Casino?

The gameplay in Live Casino is almost identical, except for the absence of a random number generator. The player selects the gameplay in the same way, bets are made using special buttons on the control panel. But at the same time, he can in reality with the help of a video camera observe the actions of the dealer.

Why can’t I launch Live Casino?

If you are unable to launch Live Casino, then most likely you are having problems with your Flash player. Most often, such problems arise due to blocking. Such problems can be easily resolved, just follow the recommendations and instructions from Adobe.

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