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Live casinos have recently been gaining momentum in terms of popularity and active use. Such an increased interest in gambling in real-time is because such slots can provide the gamer with a sense of reality, the most lively communication, and the conduct of the game process with real people. This is a special atmosphere. Allowing gamers to plunge into the world of real excitement, to feel like visitors to some popular Las Vegas gambling establishment. However, now everything is much simpler, online casinos offer their customers the opportunity to launch slot machines with live dealers. Thus, people without leaving their homes, can get the same vivid emotions.

It is important to take your choice of an online live casino seriously and carefully. When choosing such an online gambling establishment, you should pay attention to the following features of the portal:

  • Convenience — the client should be comfortable while using such services.
  • Features of the interface — all control buttons, the location of the game library, and other information should be logically understandable and accessible.
  • The assortment of the game library — gambling and entertainment content should be provided in a wide format, players should have a choice.
  • Live casino bonuses and promotions — a gambling portal should provide users with regular and generous suspicions, and allow players to maximize comfortable and profitable membership conditions.
  • Financial transactions — deposits and withdrawals of rewards should be comfortable, safe, and fast. Various payment systems should be offered for transactions.

It is important to note, that some online casinos achieve simplicity at the expense of functionality, or rather, its reduction. It is better not to contact such portals, because they limit their users in the possibility of carrying out a full range of operations.

The Best Live Casino Games

On our portal, everyone can find an excellent gambling and entertainment portal with a large, varied, and high-quality game library. We check each site, which we add to our rating of the best online casinos. And when studying such sites, we pay attention to several important factors:

  • How secure is the portal and what kind of protection does an online casino offer to its customers? Can users be sure of their safety?
  • Live dealer casino bonus — we carefully study the bonus policy of the portal. The variety of rewards, the conditions for granting bonuses, and how difficult it is to wager them.
  • Software and its quality. We are studying the game library of the portal not only for the assortment and variety, but also for its quality. Pay attention to the fact, that all slots are licensed and have high return rates, and they are comfortable to use.
  • Reviews — we study reviews of real customers on independent forums, filter them thoroughly to understand the features of the portal and personal impressions of customers.
  • Cash transactions are also an important point, we are examining in detail the list of available payment systems, possible fees and terms of transactions.
  • An important step in the study of the portal is the technical support service. It should work around the clock and provide several communication channels, instantly responding to requests for help.

Therefore, our site contains only the best live online casinos. Clients can be assured of the high quality of each portal.

How Do Live Casino Bonuses Work?

Based on the name of this type of reward, bonuses of such a plan are offered for those gamers, who prefer to spend time in online casinos and play games using slot machines with live dealers. It is important to note one fact — casino bonuses for games with live dealers are not offered as often as can be observed about welcome incentives. That is why gamers will have to slightly increase their efforts, try more actively to achieve the desired success.

Players do not need to explore gambling and entertainment portals of this kind on their own. Why waste extra effort, time, and money on sites, that have not yet proven their quality and honesty. We did it for you. We researched a large list of online live casinos, studied the features, distinguishing points, advantages, and disadvantages of each portal, and based on the data obtained, we have compiled a rating of the best online casinos with live dealers.

Most often, real-time bonuses are offered specifically to new users of a gambling and entertainment establishment. Upon registering an account on such a portal, a newly made member of the club receives a welcome bonus, which he can use in slot machines with live dealers.

Live casino bonuses share some similarities with welcome promotions. So, for example, most often they are offered to the client in honor of the fact, that he registered and made his first deposit (sometimes it has a minimum threshold, that must be met). As for the number of bonus incentives, it can be different. It all depends on the personality of the gambling portal and the features of its bonus program.

Live Casino Bonus Types

Live dealer casino bonuses are also distinguished by their variety, generosity, and acceptable conditions for execution. It is worth noting, that each gambling and entertainment portal has its parameters for a particular promotion. The same can be said about the list of bonus rewards — it all depends on the features of the bonus policy of a particular gambling and entertainment club.

However, several live cast-into bonuses are present in the vastness of every online club, and have approximately the same conditions. These incentives include:

  • Welcome Bonuses — this promotion is offered to customers once, and is credited after registering on a specific gambling and entertainment portal. It is impossible to get it again. These are the basic conditions for the provision of this type of promotion.
  • No Deposit Bonuses — a live casino no deposit bonus can be given as a welcome bonus, it can also be offered as a birthday present. It should be noted, that the no deposit bonus is different in that a gamer does not need to replenish his gaming account to receive it.
  • Exclusive Bonuses — are quite an interesting type of incentive. If the previous types of bonuses had standard conditions and were offered to everyone in the same way, then exclusive bonuses differ in that they are offered individually, they may have their special composition and conditions.
  • Cashback Bonuses — the essence of this promotion lies in the fact, that the online casino returns to customers a certain part of the funds, that were spent on slot machines as bets and did not bring rewards. The percentage of return can be different and reach 15%.

As you can see, live casino bonuses can be varied, interesting, and of high quality. They allow players to get better conditions for launching slots and memberships with the portal.

Wagering Requirements Explained

Now let’s talk a little about the correct use of bonuses in a live casino. Everything is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. For each casino bonus provided, the gamer is offered an additional description. In this description, players receive recommendations regarding the use of the received promotion:

  • how should bets be made;
  • in which case the client can count on the withdrawal of the funds received from the gameplay;
  • where bonus funds and free spins can be used.

Here you should remember what a wager is. This indicator is shown by a specific number. It says the number of times a gamer needs to wager the provided bonus. So, for example, if the client was given a reward in the form of $20 with a wager — x20, then the player needs to play in such a way as to increase the amount of the received reward by 20 times, that is, the total winnings should be $400. Only in this case, the gamer will receive the right to carry out the transfer for the withdrawal of rewards.

When using the live casino bonus to play live dealer games, keep in mind, that in most cases bets on them will only contribute 10% or 20% to the wagering requirement, as opposed to bets made on slot machines, which count as 100 %.

What are the Wagering Requirements of a Live Casino Bonus?

Any bonus offered by a gambling and entertainment portal, no matter whether it is an online casino with conventional slot machines or a live one, has its wagering requirements. And only after the client fully and one hundred percent fulfills the requirements and conditions put forward to him, he will be able to correctly draw up an application for the withdrawal of rewards and count on receiving these funds.

Each type of live casino bonus has its conditions. It can be:

  • a wager size;
  • the duration of the gameplay;
  • terms of fulfillment of conditions;
  • minimum rates;
  • the use of incentives in a specific gaming machine;
  • maximum winnings;
  • other conditions.

Before starting the gameplay with the participation of bonus rewards, it is important to study in detail these conditions and all the nuances of the bonus. Only after that, the gamer will be able to assess his strength and understand how profitable a particular offer of a gambling establishment will be for him.

It is important to note, that when using live casino bonuses, some games contribute less than others. Typically, such emulators include:

  • BlackJack;
  • Roulette.

They are one of the most popular table games and in real-time offer customers a slightly lower rate, than slots that promise instant winnings.

Why Should You Use Live Casino Bonuses

With live casino bonuses, a player can significantly increase their bankroll size. In addition, the gameplay with the help of rewards can last much less, and the investment from the client is required to be minimal. As practice shows, the longer a gamer sits at a particular slot machine, the more chances he has to receive a generous reward. This is about finances, but there is another side — the emotional one. During the gameplay, the player receives a dose of adrenaline, and its size and the user’s emotional state depend on the duration of the process.

Regardless of what type of bonus a player will use, when launching slot machines with live dealers, excitement, fun, and positive emotions are guaranteed to him. And this is also a significant advantage of various promotions offered to customers by gambling and entertainment portals.

However, it is important to remember, that each bonus has its conditions. You should not chase absolutely every promotion without studying the bonus rules and wagering requirements. It is better to use incentives less often, but only those, that provide a high chance of fulfilling the conditions and receiving real rewards.


Which live casinos are the best to play at?

When choosing a live casino, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the gambling and entertainment portal, the convenience of the interface, the range of bonuses, the convenience and reliability of financial transactions, and the range of games. Based on these qualities, you can find a high-quality live online casino.


Which bonuses are the most popular?

It is important to note, that each live online casino offers its customers a personalized assortment of bonus rewards. However, several bonuses are offered in each casino: a welcome bonus, a no deposit bonus, exclusive bonuses, cashback.


Can I use bonuses and promo codes on my mobile phone?

If a live online casino offers its customers a mobile application for installation and provides customers with full-fledged functionality, then gamers can quite easily use the bonuses and promo codes of a gambling and entertainment portal based on a mobile application.


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